EMD 3100

The built-in version is made of a single body mounted on a metal plate. It includes an integrated quick-closing function (shut-off), a regulating valve and a gauge that are all covered by a panel. Four different mounting orientation variants are available (gauge position rotated by 90° for better readability). With the most compact “Version D” the gas is supplied (inlet and outlet) from behind the cover plate. Version Z allows for Gas supply from behind as well, while the outlet is at the front and integrated in the cover panel.


This highly compact, space saving built-in version of the EMD3100 point-of-use regulator is designed to fit into walls, gas channels, fume hoods and all laboratory furniture systems. An analytic version (LAB 3104) is specially designed for low pressure applications and offers extremely fine adjustment possibilities for pressure and flow rate.

  • Pressure regulator with integrated shut-off function
  • Coloured identification of shut-off positions
  • Highly compact form
  • ECD-compliant
  • Ergonomic positioning of the operational elements
  • User-friendly system solutions for laboratory applications components
  • Adjustment knob with gastype identification according to DIN EN 13792
  • Analytic version optionally available
  • Easy to install
  • Single-stage, for inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gases and gas mixtures
  • Purity max. 6.0

EMD_3100_08_ZN1 EMD_3100_08_DN SHUT-OFF_VALVES_MVA_400_GW