FMD 322-14/-16/-18

These pressure regulators consist of cylinder connections, pressure regulator, inlet- and outlet gauges, diaphragm shut-off valve (Type -16) regulating valve (Type -18), relief valve, tube fitting on outlet.


The FMD 322-14 is the base model. The FMD 322-16 permits shutting-off of the gas flow while maintaining the pressure regulator settings, the regulating valve on the FMD 322-18 enables a fine controling of the gas flow. The dual-stage pressure regulator ensures the uniformity of the downstream pressure independent of the level of the cylinder pressure.

  • Downstream pressure is independent of the upstream pressure due to the dual-stage design
  • Diaphragm valve (FMD 322-16 with 90° shut-off function)
  • Pressure regulator with stainless steel diaphragm
  • ATEX conform adjustment knob
  • Gauge in safety version accordance with DIN EN 837
  • For inert, reactive, flammable and oxidizing gases and mixtures, not suitable for acetylene
  • Purity max. 5.0