Bed head units for medical gas distribution and light systems

The bed head units are designed for distributing medical gases directly to the patient. Usually, they are composed from the medical gas system together with the lighting system. They are highly practical, being designed to be used by both, medical personnel and patients. The most significant advantage is that these products are very flexible: the may be build horizontally or vertically, according to the client’s needs. Due to their increased functionality, the bed head units may serve and accommodate a multitude of medical needs. The bed head units are made from the aluminium case which is accessorized, according to the client’s needs, with units such medical gas sockets, electrical sockets, the lighting system, the earth lug or the phone/internet connectors. The lighting system used( LED, T5 tubes with electrical adapter) offers the fastest patient recovery at the most efficient energy consumption. The lighting system offers improved flexibility, allowing the client to choose between the lighting equipment. The fully equipped version includes three types of light( the LED, the reading light and the night light). Our products are designed in a way that fully accommodates every client’s individual needs.