Nurse calling systems

Having learned from the last years’ experiences, we have developed a brand new nurse calling system. Thanks to the development process our product’s size decreased, aspect changed, becoming more ergonomic. The increased ergonomics contributes to a better product implementation. We offer two nurse calling systems. The first one, the KLmed-S, comes equipped with a visual and acoustic warning system. The second one, the KLmed-C, is of a higher complexity, offers all the basic functions of the basic model and provides for voice communication between the patient and the nurse.

These innovative products considerably reduce the medical personnel’s efforts, allowing them to be more efficient in performing their tasks. The main advantage is that, after implementing our system, the medical personnel does not have to pay frequent visits to the patients in order to reassure on their status. By simply pushing a button, the patient indicates that there is a problem and he/she needs medical assistance. The convenience stands in the system’s flexibility, allowing for signalling emergencies in different locations such as lavatories, hallways, or even the patients’ individual beds.

Currently, we are working towards developing an wireless nurse calling system, which would eliminate the need for establishing physical connections between the system’s elements.